Why Should One Study in Their Regional Languages

Wed Apr 6, 2022

Regional languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, as well as English, help the students to comprehend their courses better and empowers them to have a solid base for a deeper understanding of the topics, pragmatically. One of the main features of why you should choose us through your learning journey is that we cover 9th & 10th Class (CBSE, NIOS, SSLC) study material in your regional language.

Content in a regional language is one of the main features that make us stand out from the rest of the online teaching platforms. Gaining knowledge and education in your own language is the key factor for quality and fast learning. It also helps in improving your academic performance.

Hence, we provide video lectures and courses in Kannada for regional students and in English for students of other regions.

5 Reasons Why Should One Learn In Their Regional Language

  1. It helps in cognitive as well as intellectual development

Researchers and studies have shown that when a person learns or understands in their regional language, they not only experience cognition development but also intellectual development. A child will have more exposure to their mother tongue than the one at their education centre. Students, therefore, learn better in their mother tongue. In fact, it has become a clear fact that children with a solid foundation in their mother tongue also have great educational success.

2. Helping you learn Coding in Kannada

Parents always want their children to learn Coding. But it’s not easy to learn simply.
Research shows how incomplete or inadequate learning of the subject in another language makes it difficult for the child to learn and understand the topic. But what if we told you that we will make your child learn mathematics, science, and coding in Kannada & English as well. Learning these subjects in their regional language will help them to get a better understanding of that subject.

3. It helps you connect with your culture and people

The language we speak keeps our culture and heritage alive. Our cultural information read or heard in a foreign language loses its impact, meaning, and context. It is also observed that the children who have grown up abroad and don’t know their regional language has difficulty talking to their grandparents or family members who live in India. Regional language thus becomes a critical tool in connection with your loved ones.

4. It is professionally and commercially beneficial for students later in their education

Presently Indian language is getting greater significance in the educational as well as the corporate world. As businesses are getting more local than ever before, mother tongue has become important. Localization and translation opportunities are also growing for Indians who have a good command of their English and their mother language.

5. Great command over your regional language is timeless class

Be it a business context or a social one, being able to speak your regional language, or any other foreign language fluently has never failed to attract attention, awe, and admiration.


Summing up, it is considered best to learn your regional language around your family. They are the best source when it comes to learning your mother tongue. Also learning institutes should start teaching the particular subject in students’ mother tongue so that they can have a deep understanding of the topic.

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